Thetford pastor, lister - vaccinated - test positive for COVID-19

The couple sought testing after the onset of summer cold symptoms.

Thetford pastor, lister - vaccinated - test positive for COVID-19

According to an email statement released by the Board of the First Congregational Church in Thetford, Pastor Robin Boyce and her husband Sean have tested positive for COVID-19.  Sean Boyce is a Thetford Lister.

As many of you know, in an abundance of caution, Pastor Robin refrained from being present in worship this past Sunday due to the onset of summer cold symptoms.

The statement says that both are fully vaccinated and are not aware of coming into contact with anyone with COVID. They have not traveled outside of the state and do not know of any probable source. Robin and Sean have completed contract tracing. The family is now in isolation.

Robin and Sean and the Vermont Department of Health recommend that you review the guidelines for fully vaccinated people. This includes, if you have symptoms, isolating for at least 10 days from the onset of symptoms and being fever-free for 24 hours without medication. The guidance also indicates that if you are fully vaccinated and come into close contact with someone known to have Covid, you do not need to test or isolate.

The church will continue with a hybrid remote/in-person worship service, led by comunity members until Robin's full recovery.

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