It's Valley Quest season

If you stumble upon one of the Quest boxes that Trebitz monitors, leave her a note!

It's Valley Quest season

Inge Trebitz is the Quest Monitor for four Valley Quests in Thetford: Bill Hill, Zebedee Wetlands, Houghton Hill, and the Lonesome Pine in the Union Village Dam Recreation Area.  She moved to Thetford in 1993 and needed a way to keep visiting grandchildren busy each summer. She said Valley Quest helped her to get to know the region.

There are more than 160 Quests up and down the Connecticut River valley, with more than a dozen listed just in Thetford. Each Quest follows a set of clues that talk about the place's natural and cultural history – treasure hunts that get you outdoors and learning about the area.

Monitoring the Quest boxes during Quest season is an important, volunteer-led effort:

Imagine it’s a beautiful summer afternoon. What better time to go Questing? You and your family pick out an intriguing Quest and embark on your journey. You follow the clues one by one, and at last you find the hiding place where your treasure box awaits. Excitedly you peak inside... and there lies… nothing!

Vital Communities, which sponsors the Valley Quest program, says, "It takes a great deal of manpower to ensure that each of our 160+ Quests is kept up to date with a fully-stocked treasure box at the end." Trebitz says her sites get between a dozen and sixty visits, "sometimes just names, sometimes comments or drawings."

The Valley Quest season officially starts on May 1st. If you stumble upon one of the Quest boxes that Trebitz monitors, leave her a note!

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