Bradford Town Meeting resources

Town Meeting is on Australian ballot this year, but there are still ways to get involved.

Bradford Town Meeting resources
2020 Bradford Town Meeting

As found on the Vermont League of Cities & Towns website, "Vermont town meeting is direct democracy practiced in its purest form. It is the key to town government, as voters determine the town business for the coming year." A tradition since 1762, Vermont Town Meeting can be mysterious to those new to the area and those new to engage. Bradford voters have three upcoming opportunities to learn more about their Selectboard candidates, proposed town budget, and how to participate in voting.

2019 Bradford Town Meeting`

On Tuesday, February 15th at 5:00pm, The Journal Opinion and The Space On Main will co-host a Meet the Selectboard Candidates event on Zoom. Register online for Zoom details. The public event will start off with candidates for the 2-Year Term, incumbent Dan Perry III and Michael Wright. Following that will be candidates for the 3-Year Term. So far, the only candidate of the 3-Year Term who has agreed to participate is Josh Allen. The event will be recorded, posted to Connecting Bradford, and streamed on the Connecting Bradford Facebook Page.

`Volunteer poll workers Mark Johnson, Barbara Kulzyck, Joyce Moore, Larry Coffin, and Andrea Moore review 2018 tabulator results.

On Thursday, February 17th at 6:30pm, The Space On Main will co-host An Introduction to Town Meeting Day with Larry Coffin, author of In Times Past and curator of the Bradford Historical Society. The event will provide an overview of Vermont Town Meeting Day and its history, how to get education on Bradford ballot items, how to find out more about Bradford Selectboard candidates, how to register, where/when to vote, and more. Attend in-person or via Zoom. Registration required: Pizza will be provided. Proof of full vaccination (boosted) is required for entry into the building. The event will be recorded, posted to Connecting Bradford, and streamed on the Connecting Bradford Facebook Page.

`Voter Ayla Priestley and Libby Day receive their "I Voted" stickers after voting in 2018.

On Thursday, February 24th at 6:30pm, the Town of Bradford Selectboard will host an Informational Meeting on Zoom. There is no in-person Bradford Town Meeting this year. Eligible voters can register to vote online or at the Town Clerk's Office in the Bradford Academy. Voting on the 2022 Town Meeting Warrant will take place by Australian (paper) ballot on Tuesday, March 1, 2022 from 10:00am until 7:00pm in-person at the Bradford Academy or by absentee voting. To vote absentee, contact the Bradford Town Clerk, Sonya McLam. Download the 2021 Annual Town of Bradford Report from the town website.

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